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Welcome to Hoover's Jewelers in Kearney, Nebraska, downtown on the bricks. Nebraska's home for the best fine diamonds and bridal jewelry around.

Pure Grown Diamonds

Pure Grown Diamonds


Choosing a diamond can be tough, but... we have the perfect solution (especially for the millennial's!) Pure grown diamonds are a new diamond choice.

They are Diamonds with exceptional quality and value. They’re conflict free, Eco-friendly and sustainable.

They are graded the same as mined diamonds, with the only difference being that the origin is known.

I urge you to come in and see just how brilliantly beautiful they are.

Click here to see our lovely staff talk a little more about our Pure Grown Diamond’s on NTV’s Segment “The Good Life!”

Emma Jewelry



Emma is a new engagement ring line that Hoover’s Jewelers has for the modern woman. Clients choose from white, rose, and yellow gold. They can even mix and match based on preference.

The best part about these new rings, is that the profile of every ring tells a story all on it’s own with such fine craftsmanship.

Every ring is hand crafted in 14K, 18K, or Platinum. There is specific attention to craftsmanship, quality, and especially detail.

And, you can customize each ring to suit your style. Keep in mind that you get to choose your own diamond to set in the center. View the collection.

Endless Jewelry

Endless Jewelry


Endless means just that, there are endless possibilities when it comes to these stylish bracelets. They are a Danish line of colorful leather wrap and silver bracelets.

There is an amazing choice of over 400 charms that lets you be the designer. You get to create your own personal style statement for any outfit or occasion.

All Endless Jewelry is now 50-60% off! Please hurry in to get yours while supplies last, all sales are first come, first serve.

Perfect gifts for mother’s day and graduation which is right around the corner.

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How exactly do pearls, June's birthstone, form in nature?

Pearls are formed when a tiny bit of sand or material gets trapped inside an oyster. The oyster produces a “nacre” as a defense mechanism that coats the intruder, layer after layer. A pearl is formed naturally in only 1 in every 10,000 oysters.

Freshwater pearls can take between 1 and 6 years to form; whereas saltwater may take between 5 and 20 years. The longer a pearl stays in the shell, the more nacre that forms and the larger the pearl. Freshwater pearls can grow to be just as big as saltwater pearls, but they take less time to develop because the layers of nacre are not as compact as those surrounding the saltwater pearl.
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